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Software development

Representation software development by program code and binary characters
  • Web applications (MPA, SPA, PWA)
  • Conception and software architecture
  • Interfaces (GraphQL, REST, SOAP, RPC)
  • Software customization and extension
  • Reverse Engineering
  • and more...

System administration

Representation system administration through server racks
  • Bare Metal Server and Virtualization
  • Cloud Services (AWS, GCP, OVH)
  • System and network administration
  • Installation, maintenance and operation
  • Systems Analysis
  • and more...

Project management

Representation project management through post-it and hands
  • Conception and project planning
  • Scope and cost estimation
  • Agile (Scrum, Kanban) or classical
  • Second opinion on an offer
  • Building a team
  • and more...
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